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Restaurant Review - Romer's Burger Bar and Where to get the best burgers in Vancouver

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It's the last day of September and the warm Vancouver weather seems to be holding up believe it or not (well, except for those chilly mornings). Hang on to the last bit of the warm, extended summer weather and take this opportunity to enjoy a delicious patio meal.

Romer’s Burger Bar opened up in my neighbourhood a short while ago and it finally got warm enough for me to enjoy one of their tasty burgers on their beautiful patio overlooking the Fraser River.

Unlike most burger joints, Romer’s Burger Bar doesn’t include any fries or salad with its burgers. Because I couldn’t enjoy my burger without a side of fries, I ordered a basket of their garlic fries ($5) to supplement my Standard burger ($9). The fries had a very strong raw, garlickly flavour.

Romer’s has a whole page of different fixins for diners to customize their burgers. I chose to add local goat cheese ($1.50). It was a bit of a disappointment because for a whole extra $1.50 on top of what I paid for the burger, all I got was a tiny smear of cheese. Although it added great flavour to the burger, it was certainly not enough for the entire burger.

Romer's Standard Burger with local goat cheese
I also had the opportunity to try out the SoCal burger ($10), a turkey patty with avocado, tomatoes, watercress and few other typical add ons. This was a super flavourful burger, juicy and extremely tasty.

Romer's SoCal Chicken Burger

The special for the weekend was the Poutine Burger ($12). Essentially, it was a standard burger piled with “poutine,” aka a handful of fries topped with a few hunks of cheese and gravy. Wouldn't really recommend this burger unless you’re really into poutine, but it was an interesting concept.

Romer's Poutine Burger

I ordered the Fentiman’s rose lemonade ($4) to go along with my burger.  This is probably one of my favourite lemonades. It has a light rosy flavour that is not overpowering and ends off with a fizzy kick. I had tried the ginger beer ($4) but wasn't as impressed with the taste. Romer’s has also adopted the “Beerita,” ($7) a beer/margarita drink. The citrus flavours were nice, but apart from that, the taste of mixing beer and tequila just did not work well for me.

Romer's Beerita -- a beer/margarita with tequila + Pilsner 

If you do have room after your hearty burgers, I highly recommend Romer’s Drunken Doughnuts ($5). I absolutely love these. They’re like the mini doughnuts you get at the PNE but you get three dipping sauces on the side: Kahlua Nutella, Maple Whisky and Limoncello. My favourite was the chocolatey Kahlua Nutella sauce.

Romer’s Burger Bar has also started to serve Brunch now on the weekend and holidays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but they’ve got a few tasty sounding items such as Jimmy’s Big Breakfast Sandwich, a breakfast burger with a sausage patty, cheddar, bacon and eggs on a Brioche bun.

All in all, Romer’s Burger Bar is a pretty good place for a burger. The casual atmosphere and decor is inviting and the quiet, scenic location is great. There’s plenty of free parking in the area and after dinner you can take a walk along the river to work off all those extra carbs.

Romer’s Burger Bar is located at 8683 Kerr Street, Vancouver B.C. This is the location right by the water in the River District. There is also another location in Kitsilano on 1873 West  4th Avenue, Vancouver.

Prices: $2 - $11 for a starter and $9-$20 for a burger.
Location: 8683 Kerr Street, 1873 West 4th Avenue
Rating: 3.5/5: Great location. Burgers were good, not great, my favourite burger is still from the Oakwood Canadian Bistro, and no fries on the side which is a no-no in my books. The patties were a little too charred for my liking. Service was okay.

Looking for more great burger places? Check out:

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The Oakwood Canadian Bistro (You can have the patty cooked the way you like it--rare, medium rare etc)
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