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Cheap meals in Vancouver -- Fill up for under $5

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We’re not always as loaded as we’d like to be, and sometimes we just want a tasty bite that costs next to nothing. Where can we get a cheap meal in Vancouver? Does cheap exist outside of fast food?

Check out my list of the top cheapest meals in Vancouver. That’s right folks, we can be full for under $5 in Vancouver. These may not be the most ideal places to bring a date or bring any guests at all, but when all you’re looking for is some cheap food and a full, satisfied stomach, give these cheap Vancouver restaurants (FYI not all are restaurants) a try.

Bons off Broadway

For just $2.95 you can get their infamous, super filling all day breakfast. You have your choice of a combination of toast, potatoes (or French fries), bacon/ham/sausage and eggs cooked to your preference. You can also substitute any of the above for anything else. For example, I’m not an egg person, so I often switch out my eggs for potatoes or bacon (that’s right you can have more bacon) for no extra cost. There’s also a variety of bread so you can have brown, white or even rye bread.
If the all day breakfast isn’t to your liking you can also get a stack of pancakes, a soup and sandwich combo or an omelette. It’s a fair sized restaurant although a bit dingy, the utensils are clean and you get free coffee refills. Make sure to go early and grab a table. Take out is also a great option.

Starts at: $2.95
Location: 5451 Nanaimo St.

Ikea Restaurant
Ikea's famous Swedish Meatballs covered in gravy and crispy french fries

Yes, it’s a bit strange to think of Ikea as a place to grab some grub, but it’s fantastic. They’ve got great, hearty meals and extremely inexpensive bites. This cafeteria-style restaurant serves up their famous Swedish meatballs and potatoes for $2.99 Monday to Friday and $4.99 Saturday to Sunday.
Craving some pasta? They’ve got organic pasta with marinara sauce for just $1.99 and you can even grab dessert for under $3. Head down to the Ikea Bistro near the exit to grab a bite on your way out. For just $0.75, you can get a hot dog, or for $2 you can get the 2 hotdogs and unlimited soft drink refills deal. No need to skip dessert either because they’ve got some delicious frozen yogurt that tastes just like the McDonald’s ice cream for just $1.

Looking for a super cheap breakfast? For just $1, yes $1! You can get a hearty breakfast of eggs, potatotes and sausages (until 11 a.m.).

Starts at: $0.75


Tasty, cheap hot dog
No need for a membership to grab a bite from Costco’s fast food take out window. For just $1.50 you can get a hearty hotdog and a soft drink. For just $4.99 you can stuff yourself with a juicy beef sandwich. If you’re really feeling some excellent poutine, I highly recommend Costco poutine. It has satisfying chunks of real cheese curds and a rich, generous serving of gravy on top. I’ve heard their poutine is supplied by Dunn’s Famous although when I compare the two, they don’t really taste similar.

Starts at $1.50

So at $5.99 this may be stretching the budget a bit but it’s worth it I promise. If you’re looking for some scrumptious Indian dosas, give House of Dosas a try on Monday. Any dosa is just $5.99. I highly recommend the Masala dosa but if you need some meat, try the meat vindaloo dosa (your choice of beef, chicken or lamb). The dosa comes with some tasty dipping sauces as well.
Oh right, what’s a dosa, you ask? It’s like a thin, crispy French crepe made of rice and lentils, and stuffed with your choice of filling, usually some type of curry.

Starts at: $5.99
Location: 1391 Kingsway

If you can find a seat here, it’s worth the wait. Their entire menu is just $4.95. They have over 30 different delicious bar-type dishes to choose from and the portions are not stingy. I highly recommend their baja fish tacos. If you’re in on a Wednesday, make sure to try out their Wing Day and get 15 cent wings all day. If you’re looking for something a bit healthier they’ve also got a tasty Union Street noodle salad which is like basically an “Asian” tasting salad, or if you’re looking for a hearty burger, they’ve got everything from roasted turkey to mushroom to veggie burgers.

Starts at: $4.95
Location: 989 Granville St

Fresh Slice Pizza      

Ever since my favourite pizza joint kicked up their pizza to $2 a slice, I’ve been looking for a new place to grab a cheap slice. Fresh Slice’s Festive Tuesdays are just the thing to satisfy my pizza cravings. At $1 a slice, what’s not to love? You get a nice, big slice of whatever’s in the warmer, their Hawaiian or Greek is one of my personal favourites.

Starts at: $1

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