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Crispy Kale Chips recipe and my favourite Vancouver sandwich shops

New: Crispy Kale Chips recipe and my favourite Vancouver sandwich shops
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Continuing on with things I think are (mostly) healthy (yet still tasty), today I have a recipe for one of my new favourite snacks: kale chips and a list of a few of my favourite places to get gourmet sandwiches in Vancouver.

Fresh kale, destemmed

Normally I am not a fan of kale. I’ve tried it stewed, stir-fried, baked in a casserole and as a salad and nothing—it has this terrible chewy texture when cooked and it’s almost rubbery when raw. However, baked as chips, kale has a wonderful flavour and the crisp, light texture is perfect. There’s also an infinite number of different flavourings you can add in from plain old sea salt, to garlic salt, lemon pepper, parmesan cheese or even nutritional yeast if you’re really going for really good nutrition.

Kale chips are extremely easy to make. At the very least you only need 2 ingredients: kale and olive oil. 

Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwich

Crispy Kale Chips recipe


  • 1 bunch of kale 
  • 2 tbsp olive oil 
  • 1/2 tsp salt 
  • Your favourite dressing/seasoning 


  1. Preheat the oven to 350F. 
  2. Cut the leaves off the stems into about bite-sized pieces. Gently wash the kale leaves and discard the stems. 
  3. Dry off the leaves and toss them with olive oil, salt and your choice of dressing (if you choose to use one). 
  4. Spread them out evenly on a pregreased or lined baking sheet. Sprinkle on a few teaspoons of your favourite seasoning. 
  5. Bake at 350 for10 – 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. 
  6. Cool, and enjoy! 

Crispy kale chips with nutritional yeast

Seasoning/Dressing ideas for your healthy, delicious kale chips

  • Nutritional yeast (this has a nutty, cheesy, savoury flavour, it’s supposedly a vegan substitute for cheese, I find it has a nice flavour, but I wouldn’t say it really tastes like cheese at all) 
  • Parmesan cheese 
  • Black pepper 
  • Garlic (minced or garlic salt are both very tasty)
  • Soy sauce 
  • Sesame seeds (goes great with soy sauce)
  • Lime/lemon juice 
  • Chili pepper 
  • Old Bay seasoning 
  • Italian Dressing (makes very nice, tangy chips) 

What goes better with chips than a nice hot sandwich? Especially with the weather being so cold and wet recently. Nothing warms up the belly better than mouthful of moist barbeque chicken or pulled pork. Here are a few of my favourite places to get gourmet sandwiches in Vancouver.

My favourite places to get a sandwich in Vancouver

1. Le Brasserie food truck

They only sell one thing at this food truck and clearly Vancouverites are not getting tired of this one-hit wonder. Le Brasserie food truck has a fantastic Brass chicken sandwich is filled with shredded beer-brined rotisserie chicken soaked in a luscious gravy topped with crispy onion straws served on a large buttermilk bun. For about $7, this hot and hearty sandwich definitely hits the spot.

2. Safeway Deli

I know, Safeway, you’re thinking, what? But seriously they have some tasty sandwiches. Their deli is always packing some fresh toppings and at just$5.49 for a six inch sub, it just can’t be beat. My favourite hot sandwich is the Tuscan chicken, but you can also build your own and add anything you like.

3. Meat and Bread

With their ever-changing menu, their sandwiches are always a surprise, luckily, they are usually pleasant surprises. A must-try is their porchetta sandwich. The pork is deliciously seasoned and perfectly tender. I also had the opportunity to try their grilled cheese sandwich. This wasn’t particularly mindblowing, your standard grilled cheese sandwich I’d have to say, but tasty nonetheless. 

Porchetta sandwich from Meat and Bread

4. Ba Le Vietnamese Sandwiches

Ba Le serves the best Vietnamese subs in Vancouver, hands down. They have the perfect, soft, crunchy bread and a special pate that most Vietnamese sub places omit as well as a deliciously fatty, but mouthwatering mayo slathered on one side of the bread. My favourite is the special which is a combination of meats, but if it’s a hot sandwich you’re after they’ve also got grilled pork and a meatball sandwich. 

Special combo Banh Mi from Ba Le on Kingsway

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