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The perfect Thanksgiving gravy and Thanksgiving dessert ideas

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I look forward to Thanksgiving dinner every single year, counting down the days to that moist, delicious turkey. For me, the two most important components of Thanksgiving are the savoury, flavourful gravy that can only be perfected with real turkey juice and a decadent dessert to top it all off.

The Perfect Gravy

The secret to the perfect gravy is browning the flour. Skip the package, because all you really need is flour, turkey juice, a bit of broth or water, and some salt.

Depending on how much gravy you’re making, throw about a cup or two of flour into a pan and let it brown, stirring every once in a while. Once it has reached a nice, light brown colour, add in the turkey juice and broth/water until it reaches a nice, thick, gravy consistency. Use a whisk to mix the liquids in and break up the lumps. Add salt/pepper.

If it’s still lumpy after, run it through your blender or use a hand blender to smooth it all out.

Thanksgiving Dessert

Make sure to go out with a bang and finish off your perfect Thanksgiving dinner with the perfect Thanksgiving dessert. Here are a few tasty, simple desserts I’ve tried.

This is a super easy recipe, I topped mine off with candied pecans and whipped cream.

You can’t go wrong with old fashion apple pie to finish off the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Serve it warm with a side of maple walnut ice cream and you’ve got the end to a perfect meal.

Pretty much impossible to ruin. This smooth, chocolatey torte is a hit with any crowd. Make sure to serve thinner slices because it can be quite rich.

Good old chocolate cake. This is a fail-proof recipe for traditional chocolate cake. You can top it off with the original chocolate cream cheese frosting included or use a more traditional chocolate frosting.

More Thanksgiving goodies

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