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Restaurant Review -- Soirette Macarons

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We’ve all heard of Thierry and Thomas Haas, but sitting on an obscure block of Pender Street near Coal Harbor is Vancouver’s newest addition to the macaron family, Soirette. 

Although the space was small, the bakery was whimsically decorated with a sky blue and white theme. Little round tables lined the shop and if you look carefully past the elegant display of mouth-watering macarons, you may catch a glimpse of the adorable little arrangement of macarons sitting on miniature stools. 

This tiny little bakery holds a large variety of delicate little macarons including the typical raspberry, lemon, vanilla, chocolate and a few atypical flavours including Malibu (as in the white bottle with the orange sunset), lavender (like the flower), pink peppercorn, passion fruit, caramel fleur de sel, and violette. Occasionally Soirette has special flavours, such as a Guinness-flavoured macaron coloured an emerald green with a sheen of pearl green dust on top. My favourites were pistachio and maple.

Soirette’s Macaron’s are more or less similar to the macarons at Thierry or Thomas Haas, although Soirette’s were a notch better because I found them to be fluffier than the ones I’d tried at Thierry. However, as Thierry sells their one by one, Soirette only sell their macarons by boxes of six ($11.50) or 12 ($22).

I only saw a few other desserts at Soirette aside from the macarons including miniature Tiramisu cakes.

You can also enjoy a fragrant cup of tea with your macarons at Soirette. The bakery offers a wide variety of loose tea including dragon pearls, organic chamomile, jasmine, mango tart and even organic Matcha.
Prices: $11 for a box of 6, $22 for a box of 12. Tea, coffee and specialty drinks range from $2 to $5.
Location: 1433 West Pender Street.
Rating: 4/5 A bit pricey for those tiny macarons and I don't like how they make you buy 6 or 12 at once. Great selection in flavours though and my favourite macaron place so far.

Rating Scale: 
1/5: Don't even bother going.
2/5: Probably wouldn't go back unless I was desperate.
3/5: Certain items were good and memorable, others not so much, may try again.
4/5: Delicious. Good selection, good taste, would definitely go back.
5/5: AMAZING. Great service, great selection, great taste, great prices. Would return and bring others.

Photos by Nikki Tse

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